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Neal K Willing MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Since 1998 Neal has provided counseling, psychotherapy and hypnosis services with a specialization in Medical Hypnoanalysis. Taught the modality as a trainer at national conventions and workshops while serving on the Board of The American Academy of Hypnoanalyisis as Board member, Board Chair, and President.

Neal first became interested in counseling as a member of an Episcopal parish providing support and comfort for the members of the perish. As a result he returned to college at Siena Heights University while working full time as a Diecast Die maker at Fords since his original college career at Wayne State was interrupted by the Vietnam War.

Completing an undergraduate degree in General Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Community Agency Counseling at Siena University he qualified and earned a Michigan license as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Medical Hypnoanalysis was chosen as the treatment method of choice as this approach enables clients to reach their goals as quickly as possible. There is nothing mysterious about working with the subconscious mind, modern neuroscience research is supporting this approach. However, it takes a well trained practitioner to guide a client to a successful outcome.

Partial Vita


Master of Arts (Dec 1992) in Community, Agency Counseling
Siena Heights University, Adrian MI

Bachelor of Arts (May 1985) in General Studies
Siena Heights University, Adrian MI


Clinical Training Program in Medical Hypnoanalysis(Feb. 1998)
Ohio Institute of Medical Hypnosis, Akron OH
Dr Daniel A Zelling MD Director
(420 contact hr)

Certification Training Interactive Guided Imagery
(Nov. 1995) The Academy for Guided Imagery San Francisco, CA
Martin Rossman MD and David Bressler Ph.D. Directors (150 contact hr)

Work Experience:

9/92 -6/03 

Private Practice in Mental Health Counseling
Michigan Institute of Medical Hypnosis formerly Willing’s Counseling Services Clinton, MI



Faculty American Academy of Medical Hypnosis
Past Board Chair American Academy of Medical Hypnosis

and current President

2/06 -Present

AHT- Wellness Center
4709 Michigan Ave
Tipton, MI 49287
Master’s Thesis

Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Therapy; Two Compatible Systems that Would Work Together(Dec. 1991)



American Mental Health Counselors Association(AMHCA)
American Academy of Medical Hypnosis


Honors and Awards:

1992 Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year Siena Heights University

2001 Outstanding Service Award & Presidents Award Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association